a bit about me:

Hello strong fighters, my name is Sophie and it is so nice to meet you. Living with several chronic illnesses myself I really understand the struggles, frustrations and challenges that come along with it. After 17 years of searching I finally received the diagnoses of POTS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, as well as a rare form of epilepsy. The diagnosis process is exhausting and scary. Life after getting diagnosed is a major roller coaster ride and requires constant life adjustment and changes. I am a certified Health Coach and Life Coach, and I am here to partner with you to navigate life with Chronic Illness. Nobody should be or feel alone on this journey so I see it as my life mission to be a sensitive, understanding coach to guide, listen to and encourage you. With tips, tricks, hacks, and a whole lot of life experience, together we will find coping tools and strategies that work for YOU to live your best life with chronic illness.